25 September 2009

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24 September 2009

Search Results

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23 September 2009


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This blog is all about how to relieve you from the pain that you are suffering psychologically and has created mess in your life.
We here provide psychological assistance and ways how to handle with your problems e-g:

  • Emailing our specialists and getting help through them by mails.
  • Leaving comments at the end of the relative post you want to know about.
  • Getting online with our specialist by mailing at cryoffalcon@yahoo.com, you can tell them to get online and they will specify the time to get online.
  • Exercises for mental and physical peace.
"We believe that life is very important and everyone has the right to live freely and have liberty to all the necessities of life.If someone is facing problems in having freedom and liberty due to his own mind and thoughts, we won't let that happen". 

"I am not happy from this life" 

18 September 2009


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Name       = Addicted1

Location = Pakistan
Gender = Male
Age = 19
Status = Single/Never Married
Occupation = Student of Accounting (ACCA)

Case Details:
I started masturbation at the age of 15 when i was in high school, i was never told about it by any of my friends, it was like a guide line provided to me by my own body.At the start it was fun as i was getting happy from my own self, masturbation is also known as 'solo sex', then i started doing it in routine days. I used to do it without any specific timings or program, as the time passed by i started feeling weakness in my body and found myself very lazy. That was the time i started realizing that what i am doing is not right but then i went on findings about my body and female body and i read all biology books, related to reproduction system. I did that as it was pleasurable for me, i was not having internet that time and not have seen any porn movie at that time.

As the time passed by i started becoming more advanced, i started buying books named like the world best dirty jokes, in which i read about condoms and things like that which were unknown to me.

I always thought till the age of 16 that babies are born by kissing each other and baby is either born through operation or they come out through anus hole, one of my relative who was younger in age about 3 years, told me that there is another hole in female body named vagina through which babies come out and gave me example of animals.

I was confused at the start and was curious to know what in reality happens, so i started my research through encyclopedias and books, i read about bodies and a lot more things, some things were not understandable for me as they were having biological terms but i kept on researching, female body investigation was becoming fun for me as it was always a new discovery after every new page i read.

There was pleasure and fun and then the time came when my masturbation level increased to maximum of 6 to 8 times a day sometimes, that was the time when i was unable to walk and run around with energy, i was always walking here and there like a heroin or any other drug user. All this started when i got my internet installed on my computer at the age of 18, at that time i was doing engineering FSC, i was not having i high speed internet so i used to watch porn pictures or those videos that had time of 30 seconds, i found out that there are also cartoon porn named as Hentai, i really loved those and got addicted.

Living without porn was like dying without oxygen or food. when i became that much porn lover, i don't remember. And of course then i tried for  porn cds and dvds and got success in find them. I also went for high speed internet and yes i got it. That was the time of age 19 when i became porn king no one except me in my whole class and in my friends community and any other people with whom i used to interact, i was the only one who knew a lot and much more then them.

I at that stage knew that i was badly damaging my body by just exerting by self towards it a lot, though doctors claim that masturbation don't have any side effects but i found in myself that i was always like dehydrated and very very sick after doing it 3-4 times a day, my doing capacity decreased with the passage of time but the desire kept along. I sometimes tried to avoid doing it for a month but then whenever i started doing it, the game was the same and nothing changed.

Then in june 2009 i found a solution to it and from then till now i don't want to masturbate and don't feel like doing it, now i have focused all my time of masturbation in doing other things like learning martial arts, making songs collections and a lot more hobbies, my solution to get rid from masturbation is just like that one described here in solutions for problems in categories.

I would like you people to read it, as i got rid of masturbation and many others too or you can take a control action against it as if you don't want to stop masturbation. Masturbation is not a big problem like that of  depression, anxiety and others, but it really has influence over your life so, if you want to have a healthy peaceful life then do read that topic in categories and live your life happy, as life is for fun and pleasure but everything has it's limit and we should know it.

Bipolar Disorder

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  •   Bipolar Disorder:
                                                            It's name shows that it is concerned with two things 1st depression and the 2nd is mania (you can look in categories for it's definition and symptoms) this bipolar disorder is also known as manic-depression. This is the less common type of depression which is rare to find in people around you.
The person who is suffering from it, will have behavior in cyclic shape, sometimes he will go into depressive mood and sometimes mania. There will be no fix behavior, it can be explained by the example like a person who is suffering from it when in his depressive mood he will be having all symptoms of depression and when the time passes he goes into manic mood. It is found that in manic mood the person talks really fast, do things very fast, without thinking makes decision, the person who is manic mood may face a lot of embarrassment due to it's weird behavior, it is found that if mania is not treated at time it can lead you into psychotic state in which you are out of touch with the reality e-g Terrorists.


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  • Dysthymia:
                                        This is like 2nd level of depression, it is low in ranking then the major depression so are it's features. Dysthymia will not make you suffer a lot as major depression, you will be suffering from it but still you will also live your life in little bit relaxed way. If you have this type you will face major attacks of depression very less in your whole life, it will only disturb your speed of working, you will not be that efficient as you were once.

Major Depression

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  • Major Depression:
                                                          As it's name suggests, major depression has influence over almost all of your activities which you might have seen in the symptoms of depression in the categories. It effects your sleep, you will not sleep as you once used to do, it will have influence over your studies, you will face a lot of problems while you study e-g you are learning something again and again but you can't focus on it, you are watching the book but your mind is somewhere else in the world of your thoughts, the major symptom that is seen and which everyone dislikes is that you don't get pleasure from anything, as once you used to did.
Some people have depression for some limited time while some people face the recurrence of depression.

15 September 2009

Types of Anxiety

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  1. Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD).
  2. Panic Disorder.
  3. Specific Phobia.
  4. Social Anxiety Disorder. 
  5. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).
  6. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).
  7. Separation Anxiety Disorder.
  8. Agoraphobia.
  9. Postpartum Anxiety (anxiety after pregnancy).

Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD):
As it's name suggests. It is related to general anxiety, no matter how happy the environment is around the patient, the patient still is a lot worried and has fear that some thing bad will happen. For instance if your child is playing around and he is perfectly healthy, you will still have feeling of that he is not good in health or maybe something bad will happen with him.
In other words you are always at the negative thinking, this kind of anxiety doesn't require any kind of happening to provoke it, it exists there without any reason. It's one of uncontrollable anxiety types.

    Panic Disorder:
    It's another type of anxiety which is the famous one, in this kind of type the patient have repeatedly attacks of panic, it can be explained as that if you are in your room and you stand up, suddenly you have feeling of getting faint,choke, there is a damn big headache, you feel like that you are going to die or you have situation of like a heart attack, then what do you think this is, it's nothing else but a panic attack which is known as panic disorder.
    Specific Phobia:
    This is different from other types of anxiety as in this type you know about your fears, they are not unknown to you. Examples of specific phobia can be, you are afraid of snakes,spiders,height, or anything that makes you afraid that much which is above the normal level of fear is known as specific phobia. This kind of phobia can effect your day to day life and can make you live that life which you don't want to as you are afraid of facing your phobias.

    Social Anxiety Disorder: 

    This kind of anxiety actually comes under the phobias category, social anxiety disorder is also an anxiety form and is sometimes known as social phobia. This type of anxiety is the most common and those who are suffering are told by other people that they lack confidence but actually it's not the case of confidence. Those who are facing social anxiety or social phobia are afraid to go relaxed in public places, they are afraid to speak in public, they are afraid of doing anything in front of others as they are afraid to get judged by others. So what they decide is to avoid such kind of situations, as they have fear that if they go in public they will get embarrassed or they will face some kind of situation in which they will not be comfortable.

    Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD):  

    This type of anxiety is of the recurring feature, the patient who suffers from OCD always have thoughts and fears of something that keeps on coming to there mind and make them do those things again and again for countless times. For instance the patient suffering from this type of anxiety will wash his or her hands repeatedly, they will confirm thousands of  times that is the door locked properly, is the oven off, are the unnecessary lights switched off etc. The patient in OCD state faces a lot of problem and they know about their problem themselves but still due to the recurring images,thoughts,impulses, they get no other choice but to do it.

    Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD):  

    This type of anxiety is due to a traumatic and/or a terrifying event, and the condition that is developed in the patient is due to that event that has happened with the patient in past, e-g a sexual assault, death of a loved one, natural disaster, terrorist activities or any kind of happening that has happened in the past with the patient can develop PTSD. The patient has nightmares and flash backs of that event which has occurred with him/her. And all these frightening and unforgettable thoughts makes the patient numb.

    Separation Anxiety Disorder:

    This type of anxiety is found in about 7 percent adults and 4 percent children. Patient suffering from separation anxiety disorder is always worried and have thoughts on his/her mind about the loved one from one he got separated and this highly influences his/her day to day life, unable to sleep easily or always day dreaming. Separation anxiety is one of those anxieties that are found to be easy to make patient agree with you that he is suffering from separation anxiety disorder.
    remember not to mix it with separation anxiety which is found in children.

    This is a condition in which the patient has fear to go out in public or to those places where there is little chances of escape when you feel anxious or have a panic attack, e-g crowded places, he or she avoids to go as they are afraid of panic attack and have fear of embarrassment which they might face, the sufferer feels that if he or she will go to that place to which he or she is unfamiliar, they will face embarrassment and will have a feeling that will make them uncomfortable with that environment. 
    For instance you have to go to a party where there will be a lot of people here and there and there will also be dinner to serve, you might have the fear that you don't choke the food, not to make noise with the knife or spoon while eating, how to eat a dish which is unknown to you, what to wear for the party and all those thoughts that can cause panic attack. Due to this fear you will stop going to places and will like to live alone in home. This type of anxiety is also a phobia.

    Postpartum Anxiety (anxiety after pregnancy): 
    Care towards the new born baby is found in mothers after the birth of the child but that care and fear toward their child is to a limit, and when it exceeds it reaches to postpartum anxiety, postpartum anxiety is not only related towards their own child but also the worries towards their own self increase. They starts to worry about a lot of things and are always anxious. This type of anxiety can lead the woman to agoraphobia or panic attacks. These attacks can come at any time in any place and are of severe kind. Many women feel especially nervous, agitated, apprehensive and tense because they fear another attack.
    But it is important to know that if you had just one panic attack it doesn't mean that you have postpartum anxiety.The reason to this anxiety disorder is not clear some says that it is due to the genetics of the women and they develop it on their own, while there are some who claims that it is due  the additional activity in the noradrenergic and serotenergic systems in brains. There are some who says that it is due to the extra stress that the woman faces after the child birth and then she goes into the web of anxiety.
    Well there are a lot of claims but no one knows which is the right one or all those all true or not, maybe some day we will get to know.




    14 September 2009

    What is anxiety?

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     In normal language anxiety means feeling of nervousness or worry,anxiety occurs due to stress when we face a lot of stress due to examination, office work, or any other thing that puts stress on us takes us to anxiety but there are people who faces anxiety for more long time periods,in medical terms we define it as anxiety disorder. This word is used to separate it from common anxiety. Anxiety is like fear but in case of fear you know about the threats that are going to occur but here in anxiety it's not like that, as in anxiety you are not able to control or avoid the upcoming attacks and you are not aware of the threats. 
    Anxiety can be considered as a reaction to stress, it is good as we are able to do things that are hard like preparation for the examination, or any hard job but it becomes harmful when it is in excess. then it takes the form of anxiety disorder.

    Anxiety attacks are not of mild kind they can be of dangerous type and they not only mentally effects the patient but also effect them physically and these symptoms can be seen e-g the patient's blood pressure can go high, patient can face cold sweats, fear of something,and sometimes heart rapidly beating etc, there can be a lot of more symptoms but it varies from patient to patient.

    12 September 2009

    People's Cases to Read

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    Masturbation Cases

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    Solutions To Your Problems

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    11 September 2009

    How to stop Masturbation?

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    Many wrong beliefs:
    Many people around you will tell you that it's impossible to stop masturbation.

    Some will tell that it's like heroin or other drugs to which you once got addicted can't get yourself out again in your whole life.

    Some say it's a routine business just carry on with the flow like others.

    Reality and Solution of the problem:
    But before we go for it, you have to keep it in mind that it is for both genders male and female.

    There is always a reason behind masturbation you can find some reason in case of our patient in the cases list in categories, if you are in the age of teen then it is common to find masturbation cases in teenagers but it will be of serious problem if it is effecting your life.
    You want to study but you can't as you are masturbating all time, you can't do exercise, your job is left behind,can't take part in your favorite hobbies, always in house in front of TV or computer and watching pornography.

    Some common reasons for masturbation:
    • You are alone in your room or house and have nothing to do.
    • You watch too much sexual movies or pornography is your hobby.
    • You live with a bad group of friends that are always talking and doing sex.
    • You do masturbation when you are so much tired and want to get rid of stress and relax.
    • You are upset of your previous life, maybe something that has happened in the past is playing role in your masturbation.  
    • You feel alone as you don't have a girlfriend or boyfriend or maybe you got divorced.
    • You do masturbation as you have heard that with it you can increase your sexual abilities or maybe you can increase the length of penis or maybe you can improve the ability of vagina.
    • There can be a lot of more reasons.

     How to stop masturbation addiction:

    Find out the reason behind your masturbation, what is the reason that you start to masturbate.

    If you start masturbation when you are alone in your room or home, then you should prevent your self from getting alone, always try to find a company for yourself.
    The company can be of good friends that don't talk about sexual things or it can be a book that you like or anything that can make you busy. Don't concentrate on your mind that you are doing all this because you want to stop masturbation, don't think of it, don't read about it, and don't discuss it with anyone, just find yourself a hobby or anything which is fun to you and is challenging one e-g start learning guitar, learn how to use nun-chucks or anything like that.

    Quit watching pornography and all those contents that make you arouse, you can use locks to porn website so, that you can't have access to it.You will ask i will put a protection on it and i know the password so, how is it going to stop me from doing it, well it's simple that when you try to open something it will ask you for password that will work as a warning for you and you at that stage will be able to stop yourself from doing it.
    If you watch it on TV then tell your cable operator to remove it from your list or if your are using a satellite then you can also apply a password to it like you did you to websites.

    When you are taking bath try to make a less time consuming one and when you are taking bath try not to watch yourself in mirror and do comments on yourself or don't see yourself directly, when you taking bath try to wash your vital parts for sexual pleasure quickly and when you are washing them don't concentrate that which part of your body you are touching. I think 8 to 10 minutes are enough for a bath.

    Quit friendship with those friends due to whom you start thinking about sexual things and all that stuff due to which again you go into the state of doing masturbation again, if you can't quit then meet them for lesser period of time and when they start to talk about sexual things, just leave their company and go somewhere else where you can't hear their voice or you can't see them, don't let them know that you are avoiding them just because of the reason that you don't want to masturbate and don't tell yourself that you are avoiding them because of masturbation, just tell yourself that they are talking something that one should not talk about, which is bad so i am doing the right thing by not talking to them.

    If you do masturbation due to stress and pressure that you go through your whole day then rather doing the masturbation you can get relaxed by listening to some music, watching comedy shows, watching latest movie that has released or you can do some exercises for relaxation, which you can see in categories.

    If something that has happened in your past you should first solve out that problem due to which you are always masturbating, as you will not get out of masturbation if you continue to live with those thoughts from past as the problem is your thoughts not masturbation, masturbation is just a reaction to it. If you don't cure your thoughts and discuss it with a psychologist then it can lead you to some more bad things like psychological problems e-g depression

    In your free time you should start making out a new image of yourself rather then masturbation, it will be difficult to take a start but you will get comfortable as the time passes  by and then a time will come when you even wish to you won't masturbate.

    If you are upset due to not having a girlfriend or boyfriend or you are divorced then you should find yourself a friend with whom you feel relaxed and with whom you can discuss all your secrets, you can use his or her shoulder to cry on that will make it easy to forget about broken relations, in this way you will get out of your left behind relations and you will be able to make new friends and probably new boyfriend or girlfriend and you can of course marry too.
    It's not the solution to just sit and masturbate.

    If you are one of those who have been told or who thinks that your sexual abilities increase with masturbation or you can increase your penis length or you can make your vagina more prepared for a real sex. Then you are TOTALLY wrong as masturbation is not an exercise. It's just a behavior of human being in result of sexual desires and the way to feed yourself with pleasure.

    You should always have a way out prepared when you get in thoughts of masturbation or sexual desires e-g Many people have found that snapping a rubber band on their wrist helps break the automatic thought chain that leads to masturbation. Of course you don't want to hurt yourself, just have something similar to get your mind off masturbating.

    Tips which can help you a lot in your fight against masturbation:

    • If you get in masturbation trouble at night then you should do some exercises before you go to sleep so, that you get tired enough and you have burnt some of your extra energy, you can do any exercises you like or you can select any of them from our categories list.
    • Never let the sex tension take over with you, tell yourself that you can fight him and you will win as this is your body and your mind.
    • If the main cause is the computer then there is an awesome solution to it, just take your computer into the room or the location where everyone can see your computer easily this will work as watch dog for you, and will not let you do those things even if you wish to.
    • The Most important thing to remember is that you should always wear that kind of clothes at night in which you are unable to feel your sexual parts when you search for them and they are hard to be taken off, this will also help you in avoiding masturbation.
    If you can't quit masturbation then there is another way to it, make a schedule of doing masturbation and act according to it but remember you should masturbate only once or if you really need then you can go for two times in a week.

    • Masturbation is not like that you will go blind or will get mad if you continue to it, we just want to stop you from it or want you to decrease it so that you can keep your daily life continued with it, so that you don't get trapped in any kind of psychological problem, as who ever do masturbation always feel guilty after doing it.
    • Masturbation will not affect your sex life or will not grow hair on your palms.
    • You can also not make it a aim not to masturbate, you can continue masturbation but to a limit as defined above so that it won't effect your relations with other.
    • It takes 2-3 days to gain back the sperm that you have lost, you keep eating healthy food and enjoy the life in it's best manner.
    • Be aware that masturbation is indeed good for you as it rids the body of unwanted substances through ejaculation, some doctors has claimed that it can be one of reasons to save you from the CANCER of PROSTATE.



    10 September 2009

    Symptoms of Mania

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    Symptoms of Mania:
    • Those having mania will be behaving in a different way, there will be elation in their mood, they will get happy from something that has happened in an abnormal way e-g they will get happy more than the normal level of happiness.
    • Like in the case of depression the patient suffering from mania will get irritated easily, you will sometime face patient's angry behavior without any reason.
    • The person having mania will start to feel very powerful and will think that he doesn't need to sleep or maybe even if the patient wants to sleep, will face decreased need for sleep.
    • There will grandiose notions in his behavior.
    • Patient's talking will increase, patient will talk that much that you will notice that there is some change in patient, it will be very visible.
    • Patient's mind will starts to work in a very irregular pattern due to which he will be facing racing thoughts, there will always be something on his mind and it will be out of control.
    • The very common symptom that is found is, increased sexual desire, he will be like a hunting dog in search for the completion of pleasure and desires, there are some cases in which the rapists are found to be mania patients. 
    • The energy will boost up markedly, it will be that apparent that you will be able to identify it in patient. 
    • Due to all these factors mixture the patient will end up making wrong decisions.
    • Patient will be ignored in the society, patient will loose comrades,fellows,friends and all those close relations due to inappropriate behavior

    Symptoms of Depression

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    Symptoms of Depression:
    • There are chances that you are facing insomnia(insomnia=  Someone who suffers from insomnia finds it difficult to sleep.) maybe you are suffering from early waking up or you are oversleeping then what is normal. 
              Many of you people now may ask oversleeping? is there a limit to sleep then the answer is YES.
              Teenagers needs as much sleep as small children of about 10 hours.
              Middle aged (between 25 and 55) they need 8 hours.
              Old ones (above 65) they need 6 hours.
    • There will be apparent change in your mood, you maybe become anxious,sad or maybe without any mood but there will be a change in your mood which will be continuous not for the time being.
    • You may develop hopelessness that there is nothing going to happen with me, now no one can help me and etc or you can be pessimism.
    • You may feel like that you are worthless, you can do anything always defendant on others or you are of no use, you can feel that you are helpless, there is no help in the world that exists for you. There are some cases in which the patient feels that he is guilty, and there is a persistent feeling of guilt.
    • You can find yourself that you have lost your interest in your work that you loved to do, you don't like to study anymore, now you don't even want to ask for help from God, you have no interest in your hobbies, now you don't get excited don't even get pleasure or happiness from any means including sex.  
    • You can start feeling that your energy is not the same as it was before there is a decrease in energy, fatigue can be there you may feel a lot tiredness of both physical and mental, you maybe start having feeling of that you have really slowed down.
    • You will start feeling that you can't learn as quickly as you once did, now you can't make decisions, there is a problem in remembering things and recalling them.
    • In cases of depression that most common thing that is found that either the patient starts overeating or weight loss occurs, in both situations the patient is at the extremes of it. If patient is losing weight then he will be losing it with really high speed like going from 80 kg to 45 kg. And if the patient is gaining then will gain it with rapid increase in weight e-g 45 kg to 80kg.
    • In some cases the patient starts to think of life and death, there are patients who even tries to commit suicide or do make plans about it.
    • When a patient goes in to depression he becomes restless, e-g if the patient wants to go to somewhere and the plan is to go there tomorrow then the patient can't wait till tomorrow, some develop irritability, they get annoyed easily by others.
    • There are persistent physical problems like headaches, patient may have headache that don't get cured even they take pain killers, problems in digestion can arise.

    Symptoms of Psychological problems

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    What is Mania?

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    Mania is really close to depression but is different in it's behavior from depression. Normally those who have mania go through cyclic manner of moods. They are happy at a time very energetic and full of power and all things, and at when the cycle changes he becomes sad,unhappy, hopeless, helpless, in other words he is so depressed. Mania is not a common problem like depression.

    Mania can come into being due to drug takings or the reason can be brain tumor. It is associated to bipolar disorder. The mania can be of low level like mild mania which is known as
    hypomania. There is a high level of mania which is a dangerous one which can lead you to psychotic state and the features of that state would be hallucinations and also can be delusions.

    If you are curious to know that whether you have mania or not. You can see symptoms of mania in categories. 

    Depression Types

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    There are many types but the three among them are   famous which are as follow:

    09 September 2009

    Types of psychological problems

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    What is depression?

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    Depression is having a relation with anxiety like a brother and sister relation.
    Depression is a state of disorder which effects how you eat, your sleep and every aspect of your life. 
    A person who is depressed can be identified very easily from his change in behavior.
    Depression can't be gained by your will and can't be left with your own wish.
    There are a lot of kinds of depression but the three of them are the major ones:
    1. Major Depression
    2. Dysthymia
    3. Bipolar disorder
    A person who is victim of depression can't get out of it without proper medical assistance and help and can remain in the state of depression for month and maybe for some years.
    Many people focus on the medicine way to cure the depression but psychotherapy plays the most important part in curing the depression.

    Well if you are curious and want to know that are you having depression or not then below is given the symptoms of Depression.

    Definations of Psychological terms

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    What is Psychology?
    What is Depression?

    What is Mania?

    What is Psychology?

    This question is always asked that what is psychology, is it about dealing with mental problems or dealing with people behavior?
    Well the answer is, it is about both of them. Psychology is both an applied and academic field that deals with the human mind and it's behavior e-g how do people think, how they behave, which part of thoughts and style of behavior is common in people.

    The application of psychology include mental help treatment,self help,performance enhancement and all the areas of our daily life.

    Psychology has not developed from hundreds of years like other e-g engineering. It's development is still in progress as psychology results completely depends on the  experiments performed either on apes mouse or humans.
    Psychology applies to many of our daily life workings and jobs like law,police and any kind of job.Psychology is now playing a great part in hiring and firing of people from jobs. 
    When you apply for a job you will most probably be given a battery of psychological tests since now in America about 85% of companies are using these tests as a part of their selection program.

    In end i would like to say that psychology is like spinal cord of our life.
    As Thomas Carlyle said:
    " Today is not yesterday; we ourselves change; how can our works and thoughts, if they are always to be the fittest, continue always the same?"