10 September 2009

What is Mania?

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Mania is really close to depression but is different in it's behavior from depression. Normally those who have mania go through cyclic manner of moods. They are happy at a time very energetic and full of power and all things, and at when the cycle changes he becomes sad,unhappy, hopeless, helpless, in other words he is so depressed. Mania is not a common problem like depression.

Mania can come into being due to drug takings or the reason can be brain tumor. It is associated to bipolar disorder. The mania can be of low level like mild mania which is known as
hypomania. There is a high level of mania which is a dangerous one which can lead you to psychotic state and the features of that state would be hallucinations and also can be delusions.

If you are curious to know that whether you have mania or not. You can see symptoms of mania in categories. 


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