10 September 2009

Symptoms of Depression

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Symptoms of Depression:
  • There are chances that you are facing insomnia(insomnia=  Someone who suffers from insomnia finds it difficult to sleep.) maybe you are suffering from early waking up or you are oversleeping then what is normal. 
          Many of you people now may ask oversleeping? is there a limit to sleep then the answer is YES.
          Teenagers needs as much sleep as small children of about 10 hours.
          Middle aged (between 25 and 55) they need 8 hours.
          Old ones (above 65) they need 6 hours.
  • There will be apparent change in your mood, you maybe become anxious,sad or maybe without any mood but there will be a change in your mood which will be continuous not for the time being.
  • You may develop hopelessness that there is nothing going to happen with me, now no one can help me and etc or you can be pessimism.
  • You may feel like that you are worthless, you can do anything always defendant on others or you are of no use, you can feel that you are helpless, there is no help in the world that exists for you. There are some cases in which the patient feels that he is guilty, and there is a persistent feeling of guilt.
  • You can find yourself that you have lost your interest in your work that you loved to do, you don't like to study anymore, now you don't even want to ask for help from God, you have no interest in your hobbies, now you don't get excited don't even get pleasure or happiness from any means including sex.  
  • You can start feeling that your energy is not the same as it was before there is a decrease in energy, fatigue can be there you may feel a lot tiredness of both physical and mental, you maybe start having feeling of that you have really slowed down.
  • You will start feeling that you can't learn as quickly as you once did, now you can't make decisions, there is a problem in remembering things and recalling them.
  • In cases of depression that most common thing that is found that either the patient starts overeating or weight loss occurs, in both situations the patient is at the extremes of it. If patient is losing weight then he will be losing it with really high speed like going from 80 kg to 45 kg. And if the patient is gaining then will gain it with rapid increase in weight e-g 45 kg to 80kg.
  • In some cases the patient starts to think of life and death, there are patients who even tries to commit suicide or do make plans about it.
  • When a patient goes in to depression he becomes restless, e-g if the patient wants to go to somewhere and the plan is to go there tomorrow then the patient can't wait till tomorrow, some develop irritability, they get annoyed easily by others.
  • There are persistent physical problems like headaches, patient may have headache that don't get cured even they take pain killers, problems in digestion can arise.


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