18 September 2009


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Name       = Addicted1

Location = Pakistan
Gender = Male
Age = 19
Status = Single/Never Married
Occupation = Student of Accounting (ACCA)

Case Details:
I started masturbation at the age of 15 when i was in high school, i was never told about it by any of my friends, it was like a guide line provided to me by my own body.At the start it was fun as i was getting happy from my own self, masturbation is also known as 'solo sex', then i started doing it in routine days. I used to do it without any specific timings or program, as the time passed by i started feeling weakness in my body and found myself very lazy. That was the time i started realizing that what i am doing is not right but then i went on findings about my body and female body and i read all biology books, related to reproduction system. I did that as it was pleasurable for me, i was not having internet that time and not have seen any porn movie at that time.

As the time passed by i started becoming more advanced, i started buying books named like the world best dirty jokes, in which i read about condoms and things like that which were unknown to me.

I always thought till the age of 16 that babies are born by kissing each other and baby is either born through operation or they come out through anus hole, one of my relative who was younger in age about 3 years, told me that there is another hole in female body named vagina through which babies come out and gave me example of animals.

I was confused at the start and was curious to know what in reality happens, so i started my research through encyclopedias and books, i read about bodies and a lot more things, some things were not understandable for me as they were having biological terms but i kept on researching, female body investigation was becoming fun for me as it was always a new discovery after every new page i read.

There was pleasure and fun and then the time came when my masturbation level increased to maximum of 6 to 8 times a day sometimes, that was the time when i was unable to walk and run around with energy, i was always walking here and there like a heroin or any other drug user. All this started when i got my internet installed on my computer at the age of 18, at that time i was doing engineering FSC, i was not having i high speed internet so i used to watch porn pictures or those videos that had time of 30 seconds, i found out that there are also cartoon porn named as Hentai, i really loved those and got addicted.

Living without porn was like dying without oxygen or food. when i became that much porn lover, i don't remember. And of course then i tried for  porn cds and dvds and got success in find them. I also went for high speed internet and yes i got it. That was the time of age 19 when i became porn king no one except me in my whole class and in my friends community and any other people with whom i used to interact, i was the only one who knew a lot and much more then them.

I at that stage knew that i was badly damaging my body by just exerting by self towards it a lot, though doctors claim that masturbation don't have any side effects but i found in myself that i was always like dehydrated and very very sick after doing it 3-4 times a day, my doing capacity decreased with the passage of time but the desire kept along. I sometimes tried to avoid doing it for a month but then whenever i started doing it, the game was the same and nothing changed.

Then in june 2009 i found a solution to it and from then till now i don't want to masturbate and don't feel like doing it, now i have focused all my time of masturbation in doing other things like learning martial arts, making songs collections and a lot more hobbies, my solution to get rid from masturbation is just like that one described here in solutions for problems in categories.

I would like you people to read it, as i got rid of masturbation and many others too or you can take a control action against it as if you don't want to stop masturbation. Masturbation is not a big problem like that of  depression, anxiety and others, but it really has influence over your life so, if you want to have a healthy peaceful life then do read that topic in categories and live your life happy, as life is for fun and pleasure but everything has it's limit and we should know it.

Bipolar Disorder

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  •   Bipolar Disorder:
                                                            It's name shows that it is concerned with two things 1st depression and the 2nd is mania (you can look in categories for it's definition and symptoms) this bipolar disorder is also known as manic-depression. This is the less common type of depression which is rare to find in people around you.
The person who is suffering from it, will have behavior in cyclic shape, sometimes he will go into depressive mood and sometimes mania. There will be no fix behavior, it can be explained by the example like a person who is suffering from it when in his depressive mood he will be having all symptoms of depression and when the time passes he goes into manic mood. It is found that in manic mood the person talks really fast, do things very fast, without thinking makes decision, the person who is manic mood may face a lot of embarrassment due to it's weird behavior, it is found that if mania is not treated at time it can lead you into psychotic state in which you are out of touch with the reality e-g Terrorists.


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  • Dysthymia:
                                        This is like 2nd level of depression, it is low in ranking then the major depression so are it's features. Dysthymia will not make you suffer a lot as major depression, you will be suffering from it but still you will also live your life in little bit relaxed way. If you have this type you will face major attacks of depression very less in your whole life, it will only disturb your speed of working, you will not be that efficient as you were once.

Major Depression

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  • Major Depression:
                                                          As it's name suggests, major depression has influence over almost all of your activities which you might have seen in the symptoms of depression in the categories. It effects your sleep, you will not sleep as you once used to do, it will have influence over your studies, you will face a lot of problems while you study e-g you are learning something again and again but you can't focus on it, you are watching the book but your mind is somewhere else in the world of your thoughts, the major symptom that is seen and which everyone dislikes is that you don't get pleasure from anything, as once you used to did.
Some people have depression for some limited time while some people face the recurrence of depression.