14 September 2009

What is anxiety?

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 In normal language anxiety means feeling of nervousness or worry,anxiety occurs due to stress when we face a lot of stress due to examination, office work, or any other thing that puts stress on us takes us to anxiety but there are people who faces anxiety for more long time periods,in medical terms we define it as anxiety disorder. This word is used to separate it from common anxiety. Anxiety is like fear but in case of fear you know about the threats that are going to occur but here in anxiety it's not like that, as in anxiety you are not able to control or avoid the upcoming attacks and you are not aware of the threats. 
Anxiety can be considered as a reaction to stress, it is good as we are able to do things that are hard like preparation for the examination, or any hard job but it becomes harmful when it is in excess. then it takes the form of anxiety disorder.

Anxiety attacks are not of mild kind they can be of dangerous type and they not only mentally effects the patient but also effect them physically and these symptoms can be seen e-g the patient's blood pressure can go high, patient can face cold sweats, fear of something,and sometimes heart rapidly beating etc, there can be a lot of more symptoms but it varies from patient to patient.