10 September 2009

Symptoms of Mania

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Symptoms of Mania:
  • Those having mania will be behaving in a different way, there will be elation in their mood, they will get happy from something that has happened in an abnormal way e-g they will get happy more than the normal level of happiness.
  • Like in the case of depression the patient suffering from mania will get irritated easily, you will sometime face patient's angry behavior without any reason.
  • The person having mania will start to feel very powerful and will think that he doesn't need to sleep or maybe even if the patient wants to sleep, will face decreased need for sleep.
  • There will grandiose notions in his behavior.
  • Patient's talking will increase, patient will talk that much that you will notice that there is some change in patient, it will be very visible.
  • Patient's mind will starts to work in a very irregular pattern due to which he will be facing racing thoughts, there will always be something on his mind and it will be out of control.
  • The very common symptom that is found is, increased sexual desire, he will be like a hunting dog in search for the completion of pleasure and desires, there are some cases in which the rapists are found to be mania patients. 
  • The energy will boost up markedly, it will be that apparent that you will be able to identify it in patient. 
  • Due to all these factors mixture the patient will end up making wrong decisions.
  • Patient will be ignored in the society, patient will loose comrades,fellows,friends and all those close relations due to inappropriate behavior


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