11 September 2009

How to stop Masturbation?

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Many wrong beliefs:
Many people around you will tell you that it's impossible to stop masturbation.

Some will tell that it's like heroin or other drugs to which you once got addicted can't get yourself out again in your whole life.

Some say it's a routine business just carry on with the flow like others.

Reality and Solution of the problem:
But before we go for it, you have to keep it in mind that it is for both genders male and female.

There is always a reason behind masturbation you can find some reason in case of our patient in the cases list in categories, if you are in the age of teen then it is common to find masturbation cases in teenagers but it will be of serious problem if it is effecting your life.
You want to study but you can't as you are masturbating all time, you can't do exercise, your job is left behind,can't take part in your favorite hobbies, always in house in front of TV or computer and watching pornography.

Some common reasons for masturbation:
  • You are alone in your room or house and have nothing to do.
  • You watch too much sexual movies or pornography is your hobby.
  • You live with a bad group of friends that are always talking and doing sex.
  • You do masturbation when you are so much tired and want to get rid of stress and relax.
  • You are upset of your previous life, maybe something that has happened in the past is playing role in your masturbation.  
  • You feel alone as you don't have a girlfriend or boyfriend or maybe you got divorced.
  • You do masturbation as you have heard that with it you can increase your sexual abilities or maybe you can increase the length of penis or maybe you can improve the ability of vagina.
  • There can be a lot of more reasons.

 How to stop masturbation addiction:

Find out the reason behind your masturbation, what is the reason that you start to masturbate.

If you start masturbation when you are alone in your room or home, then you should prevent your self from getting alone, always try to find a company for yourself.
The company can be of good friends that don't talk about sexual things or it can be a book that you like or anything that can make you busy. Don't concentrate on your mind that you are doing all this because you want to stop masturbation, don't think of it, don't read about it, and don't discuss it with anyone, just find yourself a hobby or anything which is fun to you and is challenging one e-g start learning guitar, learn how to use nun-chucks or anything like that.

Quit watching pornography and all those contents that make you arouse, you can use locks to porn website so, that you can't have access to it.You will ask i will put a protection on it and i know the password so, how is it going to stop me from doing it, well it's simple that when you try to open something it will ask you for password that will work as a warning for you and you at that stage will be able to stop yourself from doing it.
If you watch it on TV then tell your cable operator to remove it from your list or if your are using a satellite then you can also apply a password to it like you did you to websites.

When you are taking bath try to make a less time consuming one and when you are taking bath try not to watch yourself in mirror and do comments on yourself or don't see yourself directly, when you taking bath try to wash your vital parts for sexual pleasure quickly and when you are washing them don't concentrate that which part of your body you are touching. I think 8 to 10 minutes are enough for a bath.

Quit friendship with those friends due to whom you start thinking about sexual things and all that stuff due to which again you go into the state of doing masturbation again, if you can't quit then meet them for lesser period of time and when they start to talk about sexual things, just leave their company and go somewhere else where you can't hear their voice or you can't see them, don't let them know that you are avoiding them just because of the reason that you don't want to masturbate and don't tell yourself that you are avoiding them because of masturbation, just tell yourself that they are talking something that one should not talk about, which is bad so i am doing the right thing by not talking to them.

If you do masturbation due to stress and pressure that you go through your whole day then rather doing the masturbation you can get relaxed by listening to some music, watching comedy shows, watching latest movie that has released or you can do some exercises for relaxation, which you can see in categories.

If something that has happened in your past you should first solve out that problem due to which you are always masturbating, as you will not get out of masturbation if you continue to live with those thoughts from past as the problem is your thoughts not masturbation, masturbation is just a reaction to it. If you don't cure your thoughts and discuss it with a psychologist then it can lead you to some more bad things like psychological problems e-g depression

In your free time you should start making out a new image of yourself rather then masturbation, it will be difficult to take a start but you will get comfortable as the time passes  by and then a time will come when you even wish to you won't masturbate.

If you are upset due to not having a girlfriend or boyfriend or you are divorced then you should find yourself a friend with whom you feel relaxed and with whom you can discuss all your secrets, you can use his or her shoulder to cry on that will make it easy to forget about broken relations, in this way you will get out of your left behind relations and you will be able to make new friends and probably new boyfriend or girlfriend and you can of course marry too.
It's not the solution to just sit and masturbate.

If you are one of those who have been told or who thinks that your sexual abilities increase with masturbation or you can increase your penis length or you can make your vagina more prepared for a real sex. Then you are TOTALLY wrong as masturbation is not an exercise. It's just a behavior of human being in result of sexual desires and the way to feed yourself with pleasure.

You should always have a way out prepared when you get in thoughts of masturbation or sexual desires e-g Many people have found that snapping a rubber band on their wrist helps break the automatic thought chain that leads to masturbation. Of course you don't want to hurt yourself, just have something similar to get your mind off masturbating.

Tips which can help you a lot in your fight against masturbation:

  • If you get in masturbation trouble at night then you should do some exercises before you go to sleep so, that you get tired enough and you have burnt some of your extra energy, you can do any exercises you like or you can select any of them from our categories list.
  • Never let the sex tension take over with you, tell yourself that you can fight him and you will win as this is your body and your mind.
  • If the main cause is the computer then there is an awesome solution to it, just take your computer into the room or the location where everyone can see your computer easily this will work as watch dog for you, and will not let you do those things even if you wish to.
  • The Most important thing to remember is that you should always wear that kind of clothes at night in which you are unable to feel your sexual parts when you search for them and they are hard to be taken off, this will also help you in avoiding masturbation.
If you can't quit masturbation then there is another way to it, make a schedule of doing masturbation and act according to it but remember you should masturbate only once or if you really need then you can go for two times in a week.

  • Masturbation is not like that you will go blind or will get mad if you continue to it, we just want to stop you from it or want you to decrease it so that you can keep your daily life continued with it, so that you don't get trapped in any kind of psychological problem, as who ever do masturbation always feel guilty after doing it.
  • Masturbation will not affect your sex life or will not grow hair on your palms.
  • You can also not make it a aim not to masturbate, you can continue masturbation but to a limit as defined above so that it won't effect your relations with other.
  • It takes 2-3 days to gain back the sperm that you have lost, you keep eating healthy food and enjoy the life in it's best manner.
  • Be aware that masturbation is indeed good for you as it rids the body of unwanted substances through ejaculation, some doctors has claimed that it can be one of reasons to save you from the CANCER of PROSTATE.